The event were Completed in the map EFF arena.

First Round

Alice Vs Fluffy (Fluffy won)

Vulcan vs Anielka (Vulcan won)

Alex Vs Exiter (Exiter won)

Apophis Vs Jacky (Apophis won)

Vpeters Vs Crillie (Crillie won)

Hqppy Vs Xsilian (Hqppy won)

Azai Vs Hoever (Azai won)

Val Vs Dude (Dude won)


Fluffy Vs Vulcan (Fluffy won)

Exiter Vs Apophis (Exiter won)

Crillie Vs Hqppy (Hqppy won)

Azai Vs Dude (Azai won)


Fluffy Vs Exiter (Fluffy won)

Hqppy Vs Azai (Hqppy won)


Fluffy Vs Hqppy (Hqppy won)

EFF title match

Hqppy Vs DarthDzolo (Dzolo won)

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