Temok & Zeeke

Vid & ReyQ

Temok and Zeeke winner with 2 - 1

BlazE & LuckY

Duilin & Kosmos

Duilin and Kosmos win with 2-0

TheBeast & Katharsis

Caio & Lucky'Strike

TheBeast and Katharsis win by 2-1

NEXT ROUND-----------------------------

Temok & Zeeke

TheBeast & Katharsis

Temok and Zeekewin by 1-0

Duilin & Kosmos

Andri & LuckY

Duilin and Kosmos win by 1-0

NEXT ROUND - SEMI FINAL-----------------------------

Temok & Zeeke

Duilin& Kosmos

Duilin and Kosmos win by 2-1


Duilin & Kosmos

ShadzY & Max

Duilin and Kosmos are winners with 2-1

!!!!!!!DUILIN AND KOSMOS are 2v2 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

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