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All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) is a heavy armoured bipedal walker. It is the strongest vehicle in the Jedi Academy game considering the battle capabilities. In the base Multiplayer game version we can see one only on the Hoth Assault Siege map, however it can be spawned as all other vehicles by server admins.


Atst laser small Primary Fire: Heavy blaster fire dealing 75 dmg/shot.
Similar to E-WEB fire.
Alt Fire:
Heavy missle dealing 150 dmg/shot.
Similar to PLX-2M, yet without lock-on.
Name:          ATST_VEHICLE
Hud strength:  1500
Fire rate:     SLOW (50 units, recharge 2/s)
Alt fire:      ROCKETS (20 units)
Speed:         350 (Player's running speed is 200)*
  -Deflects light blaster fire
  -Very vunerable to heavy fire and explosives

* See: Speed Chart

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