List of JA+ admin commands

Colors legend:

  • White: Commands avalible for all admins
  • Black: Commands avalible for admins down to Knight (Predators)
  • Gold: Commands avalible for Council members

! Note: Most of commands have their gun-equivalent. To use gun commands replace prefix "am" with "gun". Gun commands will work on player who you are pointing at.

Basic Commands

/amlogin <admin_pass>

Logs you in as server admin : Instructor (Elder), Knight(Predator) or Council. All adminis see Admin Chat and ghosted players (amghost).


Logs you out. After using this you wont be logged as an admin.

/amsay <message>

Says (message) on the Admin Chat. Only admins will see the message. To talk on Admin Chat easier use /say_team_mod admin and than press T (by default) to talk on admin chat.


After using this you won't see ghosted players any more. Using it again will re-give you the ability of seing ghosted players.

/ampoll <question>

Creates a poll in which players can vote yes/no. May be good before changing a map or server settings to make sure players will like this change. Use "\n" char in the message to enter the next line.


Creates a teleportation mark. When using /amtele with no value admin user will be teleported there. You can have only 1 telemark and each next will replace the previous one.

Punishment Commands

/amslap <name/ID>

Slaps player with the given name/ ID. Such player will be just knocked down. Good way to warn someone that you dislike his behaviour.

/amforcealtdim <name/ID>

Sends player with the given name/ID to the Alternate Dimension and forces him to stay there. Good for kids, who don't understand english.

/amunforcealtdim <name/ID>

Lets the player with the given name/ID leave the Alternate Dimension using /amaltdim . You cannot, however, force him out.

/amsleep <name/ID>

Sleeps player with the given name/ID. Such player will be knocked down and not able to wake. He will also be immortal while in this state.

/amwake <name/ID>

Wakes up sleeped player.

/amsilence <name/ID>

Silences player with the given name/ID. He will not be able to chat or rename himself.

/amunsilence <name/ID>

Unsilences player with the given name/ID letting him speak and rename.

/amkick <name/ID>

Kicks player with the given name/ID from server.

/amforceteam <name/ID> <f/b/r/s>

Forces player with the given name/ID to join the given team: Free, Blue, Red or Spectator. Good if the rule breakers escape to spectating mode or while managing events.

/amlockteam <f/b/r/s>

Locks/unlocks the given team: Free, Blue, Red or Spectator not letting anyone join it.

/ammindtrick <name/ID>

Mindtricks the given player making all other players invisible for him. He can be than knocked down by flipkick, but otherwise is immortal as if /amprotect'ed.

/amban <name/ID>

Bans player with the given name/ID from server. He will not be able to join unless he has dynamic IP or rcon user unbans him.

Utility Commands

/amprotect <name/ID>

Protects player with the given name/ID. He will not be possible to kill or knock down with flipkick. However, he will still be vunerable to vehicle-explosion and falling damage. The protection will expire if the protected player attacks. If no name or ID is specified the comand will target the user.
====/amtele <name/ID> OR <name/ID> <name/ID> OR
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