This is yellow-colored variation of Admin rules script. See: Admin script: Rules

echo "^3Rules script executed and ready to use. Use ^3/vstr rules_help to display help."
bind f1 "vstr PREV_RULE"
bind f2 "vstr SAY_RULE"
bind f3 "vstr NEXT_RULE"

seta rules_help "echo Bind or use: ^3vstr ^3PREV_RULE ^7 to go to previous rule ^3vstr ^3NEXT_RULE ^7to go to next rule ^3vstr ^3SAY_RULE ^7to speak out the chosen rule. ^3Rules are:^7 1.Have fun and LET OTHERS have fun 2.No laming 3.No recruiting 4.No spaming 5.No Advertising 6.Respect others and listen to admins (+7: altdim info)"

seta PREV_RULE "vstr rules_7"
seta SAY_RULE "vstr say_rules_all"
seta NEXT_RULE "vstr rules_1"

seta rules_all "echo ^30.^7All rules;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_7;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_1; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_all"
seta say_rules_all"say ^3R^7ules are:^31.^7Have fun and LET OTHERS have fun ^32.^7No laming ^33.^7No recruiting ^34.^7No spaming!; wait 300; say ^35.^7No dvertising^3 6.^7 Respect others and listen to admins!"

seta rules_1 "echo ^31.^7Have fun and let others have fun;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_all;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_2; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_1 "
seta say_rules_1 "say ^31.^7Have fun and LET OTHERS have fun. ^3Don't annoy others even by acting 'with rules'! "

seta rules_2 "echo ^32.^7No laming;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_1;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_3; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_2 "
seta say_rules_2 "say ^32.^7No laming^3:^7Don't attack players who chat^3!^7 Don't attack players with saber off! "

seta rules_3 "echo ^33.^7No recruiting;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_2;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_4; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_3 "
seta say_rules_3 "say ^33.^7No recruiting^3!^7 Only ^3EFF ^7clan may recruit here^3.^7Recruiters will be ^3permanently ^7silenced/banned^3! "

seta rules_4 "echo ^34.^7No spaming;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_3;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_5; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_4 "
seta say_rules_4 "say ^34.^7No SPAMing^3!^7 Don't cover screen with pointless and annoying content! "

seta rules_5 "echo ^35.^7No advertising;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_4;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_6; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_5 "
seta say_rules_5 "say ^35.^7No Advertising^3!^7 Don't advetise any content and share any links on chat! "

seta rules_6 "echo ^36.^7Respect others;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_5;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_7; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_6 "
seta say_rules_6 "say ^36.^7Respect others^3!^7 Offences may only result in us having fun at your exp ense! "

seta rules_7 "echo ^3Alt dim^7 info;set PREV_RULE vstr rules_6;set NEXT_RULE vstr rules_all; set SAY_RULE vstr say_rules_7 "
seta say_rules_7"say ^3ALT-DIM^7 is no rules FFA dimension. All JA+ stuff is disabled there and laming is ^3allowed! ^7Enter by ^3/amaltdim"

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