This guide should introduce you to the theory of advanced jumping. After reading it you will know how to jump further and get to the higher places.

Advanced Wallruns

Jumping Tutorial Advanced Wallrun

Player jumping at the end of the wall run to get to the highly situated position

This is a simple trick you should know at the begining. While performing wall runs you can hit jump button to jump away from the wall.

  • In the horizontal wallruns you can use hit to stop running and fall down. This way you can stop the wallrun anytime you want.
  • In the vertical wallruns tapping <jump> button will make you jump from the wall. You will not only unstick but you will also gain a lot more height and will be able to pass further distances compared to simple releasing <forward> key.

The screen on the right shows the player who pressed jump button and bounced from the wall in the moment of reaching red-marked place.

The meaning of the speed

The faster you move the further you can jump. You can gain speed by bunny-hooping forward. Just tap the <jump> button, jump forward and than on each contact with the ground try not to stand on it, but jump again tapping the <jump> button instead.

You will gain much speed this way.

Other technique uses grappling hook. Grapple forward, than quickly release grapple and bounce from the ground. The speed gained this way will let you travel really far.

The best way to jump further is Force Speed, but it is disabled on most servers.

Strafe Jumping

The noble art of Strafe Jumping is the hardest of the Tricks (Glitches) one can learn to use. It allows you to lenghten your jump range by nearly 40% alowing you to acces distant places. Especially valuable skill when you cannot use grappling hook.

Before getting to know 'how to' its good to learn how the Noble Glitch works.

1.Imagine the gulf you have to jump over. Look on the small drawing on the right. Let's say that the space between the two lines is our gulf.
Jumping tutorial 1
2.Let's imagine our jump range, so the distance we can jump on. Look at the triangle. Jumping stright forward we have no chance of reaching the second side. But as we know from Matchs lessons the longest side of the triangle is the one in front of angle with 90 degrees.
Jumping Tutorial 2
3.So maybe if we go forward and side at once, we will be able to get to the other side? Let's rotate our triangle and see what we gonna get. Yes! The distance is long enough... but it isn't as easy as it seems...
Jumping Tutorial 3
4.Game makers predicted such 'hax' and protected the game from it. We may jump diagonal, but still our jumpig range will be only as long as before. Our ordinary (and maximum) jump range is marked with the green circle.
Jumping Tutorial 4
5.So how to perform the Strafe Jumping and get to the other side? We must use both diagonal jumping and our MOUSE! Pay attention now:
  • Jump diagonaly (w+d on the picture on the right)
  • Remember to start pressing the side arrow (or 'd') only just at the moment of jump! If you run diagonaly before the jump, you will fail.
  • Jump at the moderate angle according to your target
  • While the jump keep slightly rotating your mouse to turn yourself in the direction of the point you are going to land on.
  • The way you gonna fly should look as the Blue line shown on the picture right there.
Jumping Tutorial 5
6.Hardly anyone manages to do this in the first try (though... I know some people who managed :o). It usually takes around half an hour to learn the basics...

To help you in understanding the whole process the Orange Arrows on the picture right there show the direction the jumper should be facing in each phase of his jump (more or less. I think the first arrow is rather too much inclined from the jump direction). As you see all the time the player jumps diagonal and he uses his mouse to rotate himself and correct his flying direction.

Jumping Tutorial 6

Final Words

This is all theory of Advanced Jumping. Try a lot in practice. Advanced players use Strafing in each of their jumps (it becomes a kind of a habbit when you learn it). The beginigns may be hard, but always remember: You only lost when you haven't learnt from your mistakes.

So if you failed try to see if you haven't ommited something and than try again paying attention to the missing detail.

Good Luck!