In-game Name:Andrei

Real Name:Private

Forum Profile: AndreiXKZ






Side: Jedi



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  • Sith Lord rank: Master of Staff saber
  • Predator Rank
  • Elder title: Retired Predator


Andrei default


Jedi Padawan, he was accepted by Dzolo

Jedi Knight, he was promoted by Wildcat

Jedi Guardian, he was promoted by Wildcat

Jedi Lord, he was promoted by Psycho

Demoted to Jedi Knight by Council

Jedi Guardian, he was promoted by Sreigor

Jedi Knight,on 17th July 2010 rank Jedi Guardian was renamed to Jedi Knight

Jedi Guardian, on 09/07/2010 he was promoted by BBB

Jedi Ace, on 18/08/2010 he was promoted by Seraskus

Sith Inquisitor, on 26/09/2010 he was promoted by Seraskus and decide to change side to sith

Sith Lord, on 23/12/2010 he was promoted by Seraskus and MoD with the help of Jetblack

Predator Division, on 04/01/2011 he was given this rank by the Council

Sith Lord, on 09/07/2011 he decided tostep down from PD due to real life issues


Andrei says - .I was wandering from a server to another searching for good people to duel and have fun and i found the EFF server where some members taught me about joining and i did so


My story starts with JK2 where i was amazed by the gameplay of the game so i played single player alot.Some months later i found JKA where i played online also.At first i was playing various types like CTF,TFFA,Siege and others.But later on i found out that with the latest patch i can play on lots of new servers and so i found EFF.
After i joined the clan i made alot of friends and a new master.Since i always liked staff i specialized myself with the style of staff.My master was of the same rank as me,only that he was on the opposite side,We both joined at the same week and after we both got accepted he has been my master who teached me since he gave me one last test,to defeat him at a race of best of 3 where i succeded.Then he stopped teaching me and we became comrades.