See the list of all usefull commands in JA+
and learn something about using and binding them.


Here are the most common prefixes you gonna use:

  • cl_ started commands are controlling packets and your game movements (like mouse and rotating speed)
  • cg_ started commands are responsible for your onscreen graphics (like switching time, fps and lag counters, disabling saber trails etc)
  • r_ started commands are responsible for main graphics settings. They can help you in getting more FPS.
  • g_ commands server settings like force regeneratio time or gravity
  • sv_ commands are responsible for server-client communication like allowing downloads, checking server hostname or snaps.

Those are the main kinds. Of course there are much more, but this should help you in better understanding what you are doing.

Magic word "Toggle"

Most of the variables can take only two values: "0" and "1". In such cases you may use the word "toggle" between them to change the current state to the other. For example command:

/bind n toggle cg_draw2d

Will make the N button switch onscreen hud on and off.


To bind multiple commands to 1 key you must follow the scheme:

/bind <key> " command 1; wait <miliseconds>; command 2; wait <miliseconds>; [...]; command n "

Remember about:

  • Quotation marks: (" ") . If you wont use them the first command will be bound and the other- executed in the moment of writing the command!
  • wait <miliseconds> blocks: If you don't tell the game to wait it will try to use all commands at the same time and may end up doing none or only 1 of them!
  • Semicolons : They separate the commands. If you omit them the multi-bind will probably not work at all

Commands list

This list contains only the most useful commands ommiting those of minor utility.


/write <name>.cfg Writes your game configuration in the file with the given name.
/exec <name>.cfg Loads (executes) previously written config file
/clanpass <clan_chat_password_here> Logs you on the given clan chat and lets you use clan protected tags.
/cp_clanPwd "clan_chat_password_here" Logs you on the given clanpass each time you enter any server.
/say_team_mod (normal/clan/admin/ampsay) Sets team chat mode to: your team (TFFA,siege,CTF)/ clan chat / admin chat / ampsay chat (everything you say in team chat will be printed as if using /ampsay -1 command)


For each saber commands see: Saber list

/saber single_1 (2,3,4,5,6...) Single saber.
/saber dual_1 (2,3,4...) Saber staff.
/saber single_1 single_1 Dual sabers.
/saber single_training Short single saber dealing NO DAMAGE


/cg_fov 100 Places the camera further from your back giving you better view.
/cg_hudfiles (0/1) Replaces hud brackets with simple numbers reflecting you hp/shield amount. Some people use this instead the default HUD so they see more on screen.
/cg_simpleitems (0/1) Makes items (hp, shield, ysalamiri) appear in 2d rather than 3d.
/cg_draw2d (0/1) Removes all onscreen entities(chat,hud,radar etc). Good for taking screenshots or making movies.
/cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0 Locks the camera allowing you to rotate and screen even your face. set to 0.3 to reset it.
/cg_drawfps (0/1) Draws your FPS in right-top corner of your screen.

/cg_lagometer (0/1)

Draws the lagometer showing the lag between you and the server.
/cg_drawtimer (0/1) Draws the time which passed scince the map loading in right-top corner of your screen.
/cg_drawsnapshot (0/1) Draws the snapshots received from server.
/cg_drawcrosshair (0-6) Defines crosshair look or switches it off.
/cg_forcemodel (0/1) Makes all players look the same.

Custom Resolution

/r_mode (-1,3,4,5...) Sets resolution: 3 will set it to 640x480 . -1 means custom
/r_customaspect (0/1) Declares the wish to use custom resolution (set by the 2 following commands)
/r_customwidth <width> Sets resolution width to the given one
/r_customheight <height> Sets resolution height to the given one

Ping & FPS

/snaps 80 Somehow raises your FPS.
/rate 25000 Somehow makes your connection better.
/cl_maxpackets 100 Prevents some lags.
/cl_packetdup 2 Resends missing packets making your game run smoother.
/com_maxfps 120 Makes FPS better.
/r_overbrightbits 0 GIVES +10/20 FPS!!! Than use /r_intensity and /r_gamma to cure darkened screen.
/r_dynamicglow 0 Disables hardly seen saber glow and decals on walls giving you +5/15 FPS. This glow is hard to notice anyway and without it you may aim a bit better as well.

Fun & Utility

/configstrings Shows current info about all player models. Good for checking what skin someone is using.

/cl_yawspeed 1150 (value differs for each server)

Makes your rotating speed faster. It is used for wiggles and Saber Dancing.
/amdropsaber Drops your saber down.
/amknockmedown Knocks you down. Good in melee duels.
/cl_mouseaccel 1.5 (or more) When you move mouse smoothly everything will be as normal. However rapid movements will become even more rapid. Good for wiggles, when you want to keep good aim (so you dont want to change sensitivity)