In-game Name: Cookieman
2012-09-29 00001


Real Name:

Forum Profile: Cookieman

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




Location: Israel

Side: Jedi

Skin: download



Adept, on 27/06/2012 he was accepted by MoD

Jedi Padawan, on 28/06/2012 he was promoted by Allex

Jedi Knight, on 28/07/2012 he was promoted by ShadzY

Jedi Guardian, on 28/08/2012 he was promoted by Val

Jedi Ace, on 28/10/2012 he was promoted by Shadzy



a long time ago. in a galaxy far far away, in the year 16303 BBY there were 4 empires on the galaxy, the bashingoth empire(also known as the modern day which are clear decendants of the bashingoth), the cooxran empire(an almost extinct race which exiled itself to another galaxy) the badakoth republic (extinct, created an acient republic) and the azalok cofedrecy( known 4 makin the 1st army of droids)it was a time of great wars, in the last war, the cooxran and tje bashingoth has created the SK or star kingdoms, while the azalok and the badakoth created the DA or democracy alliance. in what seemed the last battle for a SK victory, the cooxran groups rushed the HQ of the DA which is known as the Keep, later the star forge, on 1 of the groups, stood a war hero, Cookieman, driven by "madnass", he sees the object cookie as a great source of power. and used them in his lightsaber (yes, he has cookies instsead of crystals in his sabers) when he finally reached the throne room, alone with the Cooxran forces dead, He was betrayed by the bashingoth. they bombarded the citadel, almost destroying it completely. barly escaping, he lived using the power of cookies, he has 2 eat cookies 2 continue 2 live. driven by anger, Cookieman fought his way 2 the Bashingoth capital, now known as the Rodians emperor dickface sat on his throne as the Cooxran died, Finally Cookieman has comforted Dickface, using the Cooxran dual saber style which is focused on countering and outmonuovering the foe, while Dickface use Djem so, battled for 1 hour. finally Dickface got the advantage, Cookieman desperate to avenge his exiled people, he used the Cookie bomb power. killin the emperor but traveling through time when he found himself at the EFF training ground.

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