In-Game Name: Fenix

Real Name: Damjan Ðermanov

Forum Name: Fenix

Date of Birth: 15.09.1992

Gender: Male

Xfire: darthwisnia



Location: Serbia

Side: Sith

Skin: Jedi / Red



Jedi Padawan, rankings weren't tracked
Jedi Knight, rankings weren't tracked
Jedi Lord, 3th February, he was promoted by Wild
Jedi Ace, 10th March 2010, he was promoted by Blaze
Sith Inquistor, 11th April 2010, he was promoted by Blaze

Sith Lord, 28 May 2010, he was promoted by Fluffy

Sith Blademaster, 08.10.2010 he was given this rank by The Council

Left, 08.10.2010 Fenix left EFF clan.

Adept, on 27/11/2010 Fenix re-joined EFF

Sith Disciple, on 01/12/2010 he got promoted by Harry

Left, on 23/12/2010 he left the clan


Fenix says - I started playing in 2006, and a year later I joined my first clan The Exiled Order.
There I stayed for 2 years as a Council until new leadership came and destroyed the clan, so I left and joined JSO (Jedi and Sith Order). Great bunch of people, played base with them everyday but in the end I had to go, since I didn't have time for JKA anymore... Later that year in December, I was kinda nostalgic so I started playing again, and than I found EFF and joined the family...