Round 1 : Internettin vs Storm 0-3

Silent vs Mr.Jawa 3-1

Knox vs Vulcan 3-0

Hidden vs Persephone 3-0

Andrei vs Setsuna 3-2

Round 2 :

Knox vs Silent 4-1

Storm vs Hidden 4-3

Andrei vs Silent 4-1( i picked a loser to fight in order to advance or not)

Semi-final 3 some : Andrei-Storm-Knox=>Knox died, Andrei and Storm in final

FInal Round Andrei vs Storm 5-1

Jedi Results

Shadz vs Wolf : 3-0

HonorKnight vs Frodo : 3-1

Mifelt vs Thrawn : 2-3


Shadz vs Honor : 4-2

Thrawn vs Wolf : 2-4 (fought loser)

Final Round:

Shadzy vs Wolf 5-1

Shadzy is the jedi fighter of the month January

Grand Final: Andrei vs Shadzy 5-0

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