In-Game Name: FuzZy

Real Name: Kasper Bah

Forum Name: StarLight

Age: 19

Gender: Male


MSN: None

E-mail: None


Side: Jedi



  • Winnner of EFF Tournament #6
  • Member Of The Month July 2010
  • Fighter Of The Month September 2010



Influenced, on 8th June 2010 he was accepted by Seraskus

Sith Sentinel, on 27th June,2010 he was promoted by Seraskus as reward for achieving "Fighter of the Month June" title

Jedi Knight, on 8th July,2010 he changed side to Jedi

Jedi Guardian,on 14th July,2010 he was promoted by Seraskus

Jedi Knight, on 17th July 2010 Jedi Guardian rank was renamed to Jedi Knight

Jedi Guardian, on 18/08/2010 he was promoted by Seraskus

Jedi Ace, on 13/09/2010 he was given this rank by Fluffy and Seraskus

Jedi Lord, on 13/10/2010 he was given this rank by Seraskus

Left, on 23/10/2010 FuzZ left EFF



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