In-Game Name: Hidden

Real Name: Private

Forum Name: Hidden

Date of Birth: 19/10/1989

Gender: Male

Xfire: Private

MSN: Private

E-mail: Private

Location: Czech Republic

Side: Sith



  • Predator rank
  • Role model Predator
  • Elder title: Retired Predator


Adept, on 12/10/2010 he was accepted by Dominus

Sith Disciple, on 20/10/2010 he was promoted by Psycho

Sith Marauder, on 21/11/2010 he was promoted by Rabed with permission of Bad Blue Boy

Sith Warrior, on 18/12/2010 he was promoted by Psycho

Sith Assassin, on 23/12/2010 he was promoted by Seraskus

Predator Division, on 04/01/2011 he was given this rank by the Council

Sith Assassin, on 24/05/2011 he step down from Predator Division

Left, on 30/07/2011 Hidden decided to leave EFF.

Adept, on 29/08/2012 he was accepted by Morabis (Hidden decided to rejoin to EFF)

Sith Disciple, on 14/10/2012 he was promoted by Chrono



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