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Infected is a game type that's basically zombie survival in an enclosed area. It takes place in the underground area on theacademyv3 map.

Rules & Gameplay

1: Everyone takes 125 HP. 2: A ZH, or Zombie Hunter, is chosen. They then get full Merc/E-Web turret and saber. 3: Teams of Survivors, who use MELEE ONLY, and Infected, who use SABER only, are chosen by the EO 4: Survivor team and ZH get a one minute head start to get away from infected. AFTER the minute, the Infected are allowed to go 5: Once a SURVIVOR is killed, they go to SPECTATOR MODE. ZOMBIES and ZH rejoin. 5: Rounds have TWO sub-rounds- One round of a team being Infected, and another of the same team being Survivor


Score is taken by the amount of kills an INFECTED player gets. If Infected #1 gets 6 kills on SURVIVORS, then they get 6 points. ZH gets no points due to the E-Web advantage. EO can decide whether survivors get points for killing zombies.

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