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Jobs are special functions and responsibilities in clan life that every member can take. They don't have self-standing rank.

Taking up a job is a good idea for members who want to do something extra to help the clan or just cure boredom.

List of jobs


The Caretakers care about newcomers and make sure they are ready to join the clan by training them and checking their maturity.


The Designers are a graphic team, that make signatures, logos, userbars and all other graphic stuff for the clan.

Elite Radio Crew

The Elite Radio Crew creates and 'Broadcasts' each episode of Elite Radio

Elite wiki crew

The Elite wiki crew takes care of EFF Wiki adding new articles and updating wiki data.

Event organisers

They prepare, judge and announce big events. They are also supposed to provide fun with so called "random events" like unofficial tournaments.

Film Crew

The film crew use thier skills to produce video media for the clan for both events and clan awareness to make EFF look great


High ranked members allowed to promote up to and including SI/JL rank.

Roster keepers

They are responsible for updating rosters (wiki members roster and promotion Jedi / Sith rosters).


Secretaries are the ones respronsible for maintaining and reforming EFF's website, forum & game server as well as anything else technical.