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This event represents a time in history when battle was done for prize and entertainment and not for killing. Jousting was done mainly in Europe in period of 14th to 16th century and it involved not just normal battle but battle on a horse, with also very long swords. In JKA however, these are done with your saber

Rules & Gameplay

Rule Description
1 Saber Fight ONLY!
2 If you are unhorsed (taking off your vehicle or animal) you LOSE by DEFAULT
3 Fights MUST declare ready then the run can begin

This works just like the olden days. Two people get on a tauntaun, swoop or anything else which can be sat on with saber. Their sabers are up and ready to run. EO will begin the run, the players will do ONE run, and do damage then reach the end of arena. This process is controlled by EO until there is only one of them on a vehicle/animal. The winner (who is still on animal/vehicle) earns a point. This can be done in match style of Race or Tournament style or Both.


The winner of this event is the person who manages to earn the score preset by the EO team each time its played. This event has been known to take some time however it does allow more people to watch it considering the small space of which the fighters have to move.

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