In-Game Name:Legendz

Real Name:David

Forum Name:TreadNought









Jedi Padawan, on 04/02/2010 he was accepted by Bad Blue Boy

Jedi Knight, on 12/02/2010 he was promoted by (unknown)

Jedi Guardian, on 07/03/2010 he was promoted by Wildcat

Jedi Lord, on 13/04/2010 he was promoted by Blaze

Jedi Guardian, on 17/07/2010 rank Jedi Lord was renamed to Jedi Guardian

Jedi Ace, on 27/08/2010 he was promoted by Psycho

Jedi Lord, on 05/10/2010 he was promoted by Bad Blue Boy

Left, on 10/07/2011 he decided to leave the clan and the game.


Legendz says - Freelanced for a while a bit after the game came out. Joined JP maybe 2 years ago, left the game. Came back and decided to join Asamin's old clan.


A Jedi Master of old who has lived through the ages and still trains young recruits today. The days of his prime are long over, and he fights only when he as to nowadays. He was known in the olden days as Treadnought, but he assumed the name Legendz when the old Jedi Order fell and was overrun by siths.

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