In-Game Name:Lucky
Lucky pic

Real Name:Lucie

Forum Profile: Lucky

Born at:1995 July




Skin:Custom jedi skin


  • Elder title: Distinction for great attitude, loyality and perfect work for the clan.
  • Caretaker
  • Jedi Princess


Lucky2 defaultLucky new defaultLeia ceremonial default


Jedi Padawan, on 13/12/2009 she was accepted by BBB
Jedi Knight, on 05/01/2010 she was promoted by Wildcat
Jedi Guardian, on 03/02/2010 she was promoted by Psycho
Jedi Lord, on 02/03/2010 she was promoted by Psycho

Jedi Guardian, on 17/07/2010 rank Jedi Lord was renamed to Jedi Guardian

Jedi Ace, on 27/08/2010 she was promoted by Blaze

Jedi Lord, on 30/10/2010 she was promoted by Maximus


First time, before EFF, she just played on EFF Server. Lucky was staffer and when she saw amazing staffer MrJetBlack she wanted to be his padawan. Jet showed her some skills with staff and she tried to use it. After this she saw her brother (SgOnE) and another guys with strong single saber and she liked it a lot so this girl changed to single saber. When she changed to single, she met first time her amazing friend J.Alcivar and he teached her how to fight with single. Alci and Firtina showed her Red style‘s skills and her brother SgOnE (EFF member) showed her Yellow style. Lucky started to love EFF and these members more and
more. 2009-12-06 (Sunday) she posted her application to EFF and 7 days later was accepted by Councillor BBB. Lucky was (and still is) Jedi in her blood, so she wore her tags for the first time: »|EFF|«Lucky|JP|


The true Jedi Lady in her blood, who is friendly, positive, happy, smiling and forgiving girl. She isn’t hating, proud, negative and she can’t be rude on people. Lucky is always there for her friends and never tired to help them. She can’t be angry on people, which she loves. She loves fun and her brothers and sisters from clan. This lady has very often smile on her face and she always want to make happy and smiling her friends.