Gtkradiant overwiev

Mapping is a process of creating a map with programs like GTK Radiant. Suprisingly it's not so hard to learn,however, making a map which people will like to play on is a real challenge.

How do I begin?Edit

Simply download GTKradiant (bestly version 1,4 not 1,5 as the latter is kinda buggy), read some net tutorials and have fun! :)

Always remember that your map will be only as good as your imagination. The worst thing in mapping is when you would like to HAVE SOMETHING DONE instead of DOING IT. As long as you will enjoy making each part of your map it surely gonna end up being a great project!

You can download Radiant from here:;26097

Small mapping dictionaryEdit

GTKRadiant has 2 main areas: 'map' area and overwiev area. The 'map' one is the plan of your map seen from up, side or front. The overview is a 3d space showing how the map will look like in-game.

  • Brush - A thing that map is made of. 95% of the map is made of brushes. Let's say that everything that isn't an entity or a curve- is a brush. To create a brish simply click, hold and drag your mouse over the "map" area in GTKRadiant.
  • Curve - A 2d flat surface that you can form in any way, most commonly used to fill corners. 2d means that curve from the other side is invisible and you can pass through it. To create curves click the 'curve' menu in the top toolbar.
  • Entity - An object on the map, that has some special function. It can be a model, door, elevator, switch, button, player spawn point etc. Invisible objects like target_activate or target_relay, which operate on other entities are entities too. To create entities click right button on the map area.
  • Model - A pre-created 3d object that can be put anywhere on the map. Models are for example trees, rocks, lamps or statues.
  • Path mesh - same thing as a curve with 1 difference - it doesn't have to be curved. Commonly used to fit a strange-shaped holes on the map.
  • Texture - a graphic file with the size of 2 to the power of n (128,256,512,1024 and so on). Textures are put on surfaces on the map (brushes, curves, models) to make them look like the mapper wishes (like the metal, marble, carpet or mud).
  • Shader - a texture with some special effect given, which makes it behave in some specific way.



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