In-Game Name: Matt Adler

Real Name: Private

Forum Profile: bigdogs

Date of Birth: 22/11/1981

Gender: Male

Xfire: Private

MSN: Private

E-mail: Private

Location: United States

Side: Sith



Mattadler default


Adept, on 22/10/2010 he was accepted by Seraskus

Sith Disciple, on 21/11/2010 he was promoted by Hidden with permission of Bad Blue Boy

Sith Marauder, on 29/12/2010 he was promoted by MoDisaster

Sith Warrior, on 26/05/2011 he was promoted by Val

Sith Assasin, on 03/11/2011 he was promoted by Ferocious

Sith Inquisitor, on 13/08/2012 he was promoted by Fluffy



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