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Full name: Melee

Ammo Type: none

Description: The weapon of last resort for disarmed gunners and saberists also commonly used for trolling by pro players (who value it for its humiliating kata moves) or just to have fun in fighting with other weapon than lightsaber. Dark Side users use melee to make their lightnings stronger.

  • Primary Fire: Punches
  • Secondary Fire: Kicks

! Note: When in melee the Force Lightning deals twice as much damage (although the animation of electricity flows still only from 1 hand ). See: Force Lightning

Melee Katas

  1. To perform a melee kata press <attack> + <alt attack> buttons at the same time.
  2. When the kata is already executed, but enemy is not yet held you may press and hold direction buttons (forward/left/back) to change the kata style.
  3. If you turn backwards to your enemy you may perform on him an Instant Kata - you will grab him nearly instantly not loosing much time for the animation to finish!
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Default kata

Usage: Attack + Alt attack

Enemy is grabbed, punched few times, smashed to ground and than thrown away.

Melee kata default

Flip-over kata

Usage: Attack + Alt attack + back

Enemy is grabbed and than flipped over attackers arm and smashed on the ground few times. When finished the it takes him long time to wake up.

Melee kata S

Punch kata

Usage: Attack + Alt attack + forward

Enemy is grabbed and than punched strongly few times. Last punch throws him away.

Melee kata W

Lifting kata

Usage: Attack + Alt attack + left

Enemy is grabbed and than thrown away. Attacker can jump and rotate while performing this kata to throw the enemy in the direction he desires.

Melee kata A

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