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Round 1

Silent 3:1 Andri

Frodo 0:3 Arstan

Lucky 0:3 Val

DotogWolf 0:3 Mifelt

Blaze 3:2 MoD

HonorKnight 1:3 Sreigor

Xilian 0:3 MoD

Round 2

Silent 2:3 Arstan

Val 2:3 Mifelt

Blaze 1:3 Sreigor

Round 3

3v3 Sreigor was killed first

Arstan and Mifelt advanced


Arstan 0:4 Mifelt

Mifelt is the winner of »|EFF|« Official Tournament #8 and is going to fight Darth Dzolo for the Champion title!Efflogo

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