Events at EFF

Events are something we take with great stride and great attitude here in EFF. We pride ourselves on them, and we always try to prevail where we can, even if it is between us internally. Below you will find a list of types of events that we do:


These events are made officially by organisers and leaders alike and usually particpate in a duelling tournament with set rules regarding pass or failure. Reigning Champions from previous versions of these events are to present themselves as a chance to defend thier title.
See: Official Duel Tournaments


In this event, we pin EFF's Jedi with EFF's Sith. There is an ongoing fued with these two factions and at every interval one loves to prove thier dominance over the other. These are organised by Event Organisers and usually have a large turnout.
Jedi and Sith Tournament #3 (including non-EFF)
Jedi and Sith Tournament #2
Jedi and Sith Tournament #1 month 08/2010


Weekly Event Series is something we do to keep consistency and regular interest into clan and with this schedule, we aim to bring this into our server on a weekly basis. These may vary.
13th August 2010 - Last Man/Woman Standing
8th August 2010 - Rancor Assassin
24th July 2010 - Siege
11th June 2010 - The Bunny Hop Contest
4th June 2010 - Power Duel/CTF


Monthly Event Series is similar to Weekly event series but happens over a long period of time. With Events such as "Fighter of the Month" we keep and help build the energy for the games mentioned above.
FoM - Fighter of the Month - Mar 2011
FoM - Fighter of the Month - Jan 2011


This is the pride of EFF, our matches with other clans. In here the event organisers will organise with clans skirmishes for freindly or competitive play.
See: Fighters


This series of events are organised by Event organisers and by players. Gives them a chance to get a feel for the role, and offers them to create bit more livelyhood with thier own thought up ideas. Usually not scheduled however dynamically announced in the server.
11th September 2011 - Duel Tournament
10th September 2011 - TFFA(Everyone) #1
2nd August 2011 - Call to Arms
29th July 2011 - 2v2 Tournament
15th July 2011 - Capture the Flag Elimination Tournament
12th July 2011  - Jousting #1
3rd April 2011 - EFF World Cup
14th September 2010 - Duel Tournament
15th May,2010 - Duel Tournament
20th March 2010 - Random Saber Tournament
5th September 2010 - Base CTF
1st February 2010 - Rancor Assassin
14th December 2009 - Duel Tournament

Current Event Organizers


Being an Event organiser is a job.

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