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Rancors were large carnivorous reptomammals native to the planet of Dathomir. In Jedi Academy there are 2 kinds of them: 'Normal' rancor and his twice as big and triple as strong mutant version. Rancor can also be spawned in the vehicle wariant, which works similar to wampa vehicle.

Rancor smallMutant rancor small


NPC rancors are commonly spawned by Multiplayer servers' admins as a monsters to defeat for the joy of players.

Health: 2000

Health: 10000

   Actively tries to attack and/or eat the player.

Rancor vehicle is, paradoxically, the worst mean of transoprt one can chose, yet it looks amazing.

Name:          RANCOR_VEHICLE
Health:        200
Max speed:     350 (Player's running speed is 200)*
Backing speed: 80
Turbo:         NONE

* See: Speed Chart

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