1. Have fun and let others have fun.

This is first and the most important rule of all. How to understand this?

You are allowed to do anything as long as you don’t interrupt others fun. You can spam, offend others as long as both sides take it as joke. However if your attitude annoys anyone you should stop it.

There may occur many situations not included in rules. We are intelligent and we know what may annoy others. So for example by the rules you can attack training players or players who has melee up to walk with emotes. However he may dislike it. If you've attacked such a person and he asked to stop it you should leave him alone. If you continue to annoy others that way you may get slept despite the fact that it's not included in the rules. Remember- “Have fun and let others have fun” rule is the first and the most important rule of all.

2. Respect other guests, members and especially admins who you should always listen to

1. Admin is always right
2. If admin is wrong- look point #1
Don’t quarrel with admin.
If admin1 decided about something but is currently offline and online admin2 wants you to do something against admin1 decision, than you can inform him about that, but still you have to listen to admin2 as he is online. Case may be solved when admin1 returns on server/forum.
Admin ranks are:
~ Emperor ( Apophis has *E* at the end of the name )
~ Council ( |C| at end of name )
~ Predator Division ( |PD| at end of the name)
~ Order Leaders ( |JGM| or |SDL| at end of the name)

Additionaly each Elder is an admin.

Disrespect may result in a warning, demotion and in serious cases- kicking or even banning from the clan and server.

3. No childlish behavior
That includes: renaming, begging(for powers, for training etc.), demoting yourself, spamming, making stupid 'jokes' that annoy others.
4. No advertising.

Do not share other servers IP or website addresses via forum or server. That will result in silencing you (on the server) or editing/deleting your message (on the forum).
You are allowed to share such content only in 2 cases:
- Clan meeting : so that people know where to go
- Going on the other server with your mate. In this situation you should use private talk(default “U” ) to share server ip.

5. No multiclanning.

Members can't join any other clans or teams. This will most probably result in getting kicked from the clan. There is nearly no difference between clans and so called teams, so joining any of those is not allowed. However you are allowed to join so called "Guilds" made on servers(most popular on lugormod) as long as this "guilds" don’t have any forum or private server and you keep your EFF tags on.

6. Once you have been kicked out of the clan, you won't have a second chance in re-joining us.

Only chance is by being useful to our clan, and if you manage to prove to us, that you are worthy of being in »|EFF|« 

-If you left EFF remaining in good conditions with us and gave reasonable explaination, than you may re-apply, but don't expect it as easy as at the first time.
-If you have been removed from rosters due to unreported inactivity read: Post-inactivity rejoining Rules

7. English only

Using other languages will result in a penalty, since we cannot know what your saying - it might be recruiting, insulting, or anything that breaks rules.
All messages in other languages are considered as spam, and would be tolerated only in a small dimension.

8. You take the full responsibility for anyone playing on your computer.

For more info about this rule look here.


1. Don’t lame

Term "Laming" refers to attacking players not prepared to fight with you. It mostly means attacking players with saber off. Laming is also:
- Attacking chatting players
- Attacking players just before they bow in a duel.
- Attacking with your lightsaber players who have a melee duel
- Abusing special powers (Empower/Merc) on players not having them.

2. Use your proper in-game name.

Using aliases may interrupt admins work and confuse others.

Once you choose a name in your application you will need to stick to it while you are in EFF. There is no way to change your name later!

You can rename for fun for a short time but you have to keep on your »|EFF|« tags, and wear your proper name back when asked!

Also never hide under alias or lie to admins about your personality.

3. Wear EFF tags on every server.

You are always obliged to wear our tags, as since becoming a member you represent our clan. You are supposed to be so cool so that other server admins will try to kick you for breaking “no advertising” rule. ;)

Our main tags are: "»|EFF|«Name|RANK|". You can modify the look of your tags, as long as they have clearly exposed clan name before your name and your rank after your name, for example:
eff.Name.RANK, |EFF|Name|RANK|, >EFF<Name.RANK.
You should still change your tags to main ones when asked by admin to do so.
On EFF server members always have to be logged on clanpass.

Wearing no rank at all is allowed only for people, who take their post-inactivity trial (accepted reapplication ).

The only rank tags which are forbidden for regular members are *RANK* tags (surrounded by 'stars'), as they are reserved for Elite ranked members.

4. All outsiders must speak English on main chat.

This rule serves a help for overall rule 4. made for no advertising. Clan Members can speak their languages on clanchat.

5. Do not spam.

Shouting out many messages may be irritating. Spam include also sharing your message in 10 pieces like; “please” “come” “with” me” .
Also try not to use famous “no laming!" bind 10 times ;)

6. On servers not belonging to EFF respect their rules and other players

Act with politeness, patience, and honor, respecting others no matter if you beat them, or they beat you. Failure to act in a respectable manner results in a punishment of appropriate choosing by the Council.

7. Don't share the clanpass with anyone (even other members); Don't use clanpass auto-log settings.

Only Councilliors and Head Caretaker are allowed to share clanpass with others. You can always check current clanpass in 'Clan's discussion area' section on forum in sticky topics. If you use clanpass auto-logging settings ('seta cp_clanpwd xxxxxxx' in jampconfig), it can be read by rcon admins on other servers, so better not use it.

8. Don’t interrupt the making of video clips.

If you enter video plan you may be slept and/or teleported somewhere else even if you did it by mistake. You should be informed about clip being made and released. However if you keep interrupting video making you may be slept for longer or even kicked.


1. Do not spam outside spam section.
2. Do not post pornographic content or links to it.
3. Do not use naked avatars.

We all like beautiful girls but you can share such photos by PM ;)

4. Visit forum at least once a week.

Here you will see any changes like new clanpass, ranks, skins/maps to download etc. Others may also contact you by forum.
It's annoying when person gets impotrant info or is warned by forum and he/she doesn't even see it, because of no activity here.

5. We do not accept posts which are containing the following:

- Racism
- Invitations to join other Clans or recruitment posts of any kind.
- Material which would cause problems within the Clan.

6. Read the application rules before making one!

Incorrect application equals to no application at all, so make sure you've filled it in properly.
Improperly made applications will be closed straight away.
Also any additional info you include in your application is welcomed and would help us to get to know you better.

7. Use your real email address on your forum account.

You need it to complete the registration process.
Also, anything that we send you could contain confidential or privileged content and may not be intended to be read by others.

8. Banned forum accounts.

If your user account is banned on forum by one of the administrators that means you cannot create another one. If you create a new account it will be either deleted or banned as well.