Here you may find a list of scripts you may use in-game. Those are mainly cfg and vstr scripts for you to use in game.

Scripting may also refer to:

  • Icarus Scripting (scripts used in mapping and setting NPC behavior )
  • Console Scripting (Called also multi-binding. Mainly refers to binds and commands. See: Commands Guide )
  • cfg. Scripting (Making and playing with cfg files and vstrs. See: Making vstrs )

List of Scripts

Admin Rules script - say all rules using 3 binded keys. Script avalible in 4 color versions.

Flipkick script - perform flipkick by pressing 1 key. Avalible in vstr and in bind version.

Pull flipkick script - pull enemy and flipkick him by pressing 1 key. Avalible in vstr and in bind version.

Screenshot script - switches all hud addons off, makes a screenshot and switches everything on again. Avablible in vstr and in bind version.

Saber flip script - quickly switches to melee and back to saber allowing you to perform instant hits with red style.

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