In-game Name: Sk1walker

Real Name:

Forum Profile: Sk1walker

Age: 25

Gender: Male




Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Side: Jedi

Skin: swluke/default_swluke



Adept, on 29/12/2011 he was accepted by MoD

Jedi Padawan, on 31/12/2011 he was promoted by ShadzY

Jedi Knight, on 30/01/2012 he was promoted by ShadzY

Jedi Guardian, on 04/03/2012 he was promoted by ShadzY

Jedi Ace, on 06/04/2012 he was promoted by ShadzY

Predator Division, on 25/05/2012 he was promoted by Dominus



Out of the pure force a child was born!
It strayed along the galaxy having dreams about the future, trying to survive...
It had a bad childhood with an angel around him to protect him from doing too much harm with it's powers which grew with every day!
After the child reached the age of 12 it was accepted as a rogue Jedi in a distant temple.
They trained him and they trained him hard.... his mentor - coming and leaving, was the old Skywalker.... he said to him one day that he is ready!

Ready to wear his name... but because the child was grown in the deepest strengths of the force - now it was more powerful than any jedi or sith.... "The battles my son will teach you to control your powers. You are now stronger than I will ever be - you are the first jedi to reach such strengths" - said the old Skywalker.
Sk1walker had difficulties controlling that power. After many battles the scar "1" was carved in the universe forever... as the first ever Jedi or Sith to reach such deep understandings about the power, universe and the force!

Many years have passed and the Grandmaster of the force living in solitude has aged to be a great man - a legend. By using the force this man appeared no more than 25 years of age... but in reality was passing Yoda with his 987 years.
Jedi and Sith came and go but Sk1walker appeared only when most needed. Many believed him to be dead on a several number of occasions - but the guardian angel of the force protected him, keeping the gene pool for the fate of the galaxy!

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