In game name: Stomper

Real name: Raiker

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Romania

Side: Sith


- Creator of the EFF history videos


Reelo default


Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Jedi Guardian

Jedi Lord
Jedi Ace

(old rank system)

Adept, on 16/05/2011 he was accepted by the whole freaking clan

Sith Desciple, on 01/06/2011 he was promoted by Vulcan

Sith Marauder, on 07/07/2011 he was promoted by Val

Removed on 29/07/2012 due to Inactivity

Jedi Knight, on 01/11/2012 he was acceted by Shadzy


Once i met him at the Jedi Phoenix server and then he heard about EFF from me and others.
Eventually he visited the EFF server and not long after it he applicated at 2009-09-27 and got accepted into the clan.


Hall Of Fame

Hall of memory:

Stomper was the kind of person who was always being crazy, joking around and such, he was a mastermind who was always chilling and spreading much fun, never seen to be too serious or annoyed at all. Tough rarely, when he got serious he really took the the business of our clan to his heart and never hesitated to act for the good of EFF. I must say he was a true EFFer, a true spirit of our clan who always cheered up everyone even only by his presence as he was joking around and made epic fun of everything or just said kind words to the people Many months has passed as he was in EFF and trough those months he didnt only joke around but trained his saber skills and he got very good at it. He even reached the rank of Jedi Ace. Tough he was skilled in combat, his real mastery and creativity got to the surfice when he made the EFF history videos, along with several other funny videos from the clan including the 'How to lame guide'. Other than all that above i think he could have been a very nice Predator but unfortunetly he had his own personal things in his life so he couldnt be too active. At 2010-05-09 he had to leave EFF, so that he could attend to his real life businesses. He made a very good impression with his work and presence in the clan. We will remember him forever as he is an epic guy :) ---- At 2011-05-26 he came back to the clan ..... i couldnt believe my damn eyes i was so happy! :D

~ Blaze

Niggah stole my bike! :P Epic- its all to say about Stompur ^^ ~ Seraskus

Great friend, he always kept my moral up, a great person have fun with. He was that type person who you could talk with about everything, good or bad, it didn't matter. A big joker, always loved to make funny jokes, he was the joy-bringer soul of the EFF. Respect for that, Stomper! ~ Dominus