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Sumo event is a melee fight that occurs in any ring of decent size. It is based on the Japanese most famous sport and carries with it its own certain level of pride and own strategies. Don't worry though, you dont have to get your skin looking like that guy to play!!

Rules & Gameplay

Rule Description
1 Melee Fight ONLY!
2 Played in a ring (like ring in FFA3)
3 Jump, Kick, Throwing & Running ONLY
4 You are out when your land OUT OF THE RING
5 If you die NOT OUT OF THE RING you come back in until you do land outside
6 NO SABER, PUNCHING or use of any EMOTE to help you otherwise DISQUALIFICATION
7 Time limit can be set by Organiser

As stated above the objective is a melee fight to use the legal moves ot get your opponent(s) out of the ring whilst staying in it yourself.

This type of event CAN be played in FFA, TFFA and 1on1 so it can always be different and interesting.


The end of it there is declared based on score of remaining sumo wrestler a Sumo Champion. This can be done in any mode and Organiser will announce score during the EVENT.

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