In-Game Name: TheBeast
Eff thebeast

Real Name:

Forum Profile: TheBeast

Age: 14

Gender: Male




Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Side: Jedi



Chrome shadowtrooper defaultShadowtrooper blue


Adept, on 27/02/2011 he was accepted by Dominus.

Jedi Padawan, on 05/03/2011 he was promoted by Thrawn with Dominus' permission.

Jedi Knight, on 06/04/2011 he was promoted by J.Alcivar.

Jedi Guardian, on 09/06/2011 he was promoted by Shadzy

Jedi Ace, on 01/08/2011 he was promoted by Dominus

Jedi Lord, on 26/12/2011 he was promoted by ShadzY


Before he joined EFF, he was a typical random katanab. His another nicknames was DarthCorus, Thunderhead and SkyEye. He put the nickname TheBeast when he learned flipkicking, and killed everyone in a server. "He plays like a beast", then the origin of the nick. He was training 'painfully' in a germany server. He didn't really know about skill, because he was keeping spamming butterfly with his staff and killing skilled players anyway. When Mr. Jawa invited him, TheBeast was training fanning with staff. While applying at EFF Clan, he decided to train both staff and single, and choose to become a singler. His skills were highly aprimorated with the single, and the councillor Maximus (at Predator Division now) accepted him to join the clan.

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