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This event is called Last Samurai. Inspired not by the film but by JKA, This event requires utmost patience and understanding of the environment around you. the goal of this event is that there is "The Last Samurai" and he must be protected by his servants from the 2 ninja's out on the prowl.

Rules & Gameplay

Rule Description
1 ONLY can be a maximum of 2 NINJA's
2 Ninja's may ONLY use Grapple to hide in beggining phase
3 When you DIE, your OUT
4 Samurai cannot LEAVE the perimeter of the Head Samurai
5 1 Head-Samurai protected by minimum 3 Samurai
6 Samurai MUST do as they are told from Head Samurai
7 Head Samurai can ONLY Walk until he HAS to fight

EO gathers all members how wish to particpate and CLOSES THE EVENT. When this is done, the Head Samurai is chosen. He will then choose the 2 ninja that will attempt to defeat him. When done so, the ninja's will go and hide somewhere on the map. Then the Head-Samurai will coordinate with his samurai to form his protection. The event will begin when EO announces, and the ninjas can begin the hunt for the Head-Samurai. This Event can end in one of two ways:

Ninja's Kill Head-Samurai - each ninja earns a point.

Head-Samurai survivies - Head-Samurai and remaining samurai earn 2 points and 1 point respectivly.


Winner is decided by how much the race is set in the beggining of the event for each player and first person to reach it. This is set by EO

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