In-game Name: Toria

Real Name: Kaisa

Forum Name: Thor

Date of Birth: 16/05/1994

Gender: Female

Xfire: None

MSN: None

E-mail: None

Location: Canada

Side: Jedi




Jedi Padawan, on 22.06.2009 she was accepted by Apophis

Jedi Knight, on unknown time she was promoted by (unknown)

Jedi Guardian, on unknown time she was promoted by (unknown)

Jedi Lord, on 02.03.2010 she was promoted by Psycho

Jedi Guardian, on 17th July 2010, rank Jedi Lord was renamed to Jedi Guardian

Removed, on 02/06/2011 she was removed from rosters for inactivity


Toria says - Apophis saw me in a server and asked me if i wanted to join and i said yes!


Toria is a lonely sensitive jedi but not to be underestimated as she was left in the woods by her parents because she did crazy things like using the force without knowing and so she was raised by a unkown jedi called Arkaine! Who thought her all the best tricks and has become the most powerful girl jedi in the EFF!