Player using voice chat

Voice chat is avalible in Siege game mode. In the heat of battle it may be hard to find time for typing. From the other hand, good communication is the key to succes... Voice chat sloves this problems providing you the quick acces to all basic commands needed in Siege. For example pressing voice chat button and than "1" (Attack) and "2"(Secondary Objective) will result in the info "Attack the Secondary Objective!".

When used your character will "shout" the message. A speaker icon will apear over your head for your allies to see that its you who is speaking. Also the chat message with the given instruction will be generated on your team chat.

ATTENTION! Your enemies will also hear the voice chat (you shout it out after all...) if only they are in the short distance from you. The longer distance- the less loud the voice becomes.


1.Attack Primary Objective "Go for the primary objective!" /voice_cmd att_primary
2.Attack Secondary Objective "Go for the secondary objective!" /voice_cmd att_secondary
3.Attack Position "Attack the position!" /voice_cmd att_attack


1.Defend Primary Objective "Defend the primary objective!" /voice_cmd def_primary
2.Defend Secondary Objective "Defend the secondary objective!" /voice_cmd def_secondary
3.Defend Position "Defend my position!" /voice_cmd def_position
4.Defend Guns "Get to the guns!" /voice_cmd def_guns


1.Assistance "I need assistance!" /voice_cmd req_assist
2.Medic "Medic!" /voice_cmd req_medic
3.Supplies "I need supplies!" /voice_cmd req_sup
4.Tech "I need a tech over here!" /voice_cmd req_tech
5.Heavy Weapons "I need heavy weapons over here!" /voice_cmd req_hvy
6.Demolitions "I need demolitions over here!" /voice_cmd req_demo


1.Roger "Roger!" /voice_cmd reply_yes
2.Negative "Negative!" /voice_cmd reply_no
3.Coming "Be right there!" /voice_cmd reply_coming
4.Offence "I'm going on offence!" /voice_cmd reply_go
5.Defence "I'll hold here!" /voice_cmd reply_stay


1.Defenses "They've got heavy defenses here!" /voice_cmd spot_defenses
2.Troops "Troops coming this way!" /voice_cmd spot_troops
3.Sniper "Sniper!" /voice_cmd spot_sniper
4.Emplaced Weapons "They've got emplaced guns!" /voice_cmd spot_emplaced
5.Air Support "They've got air support!" /voice_cmd spot_air


1.Cover "Cover me!" /voice_cmd tac_cover
2.Hold "Hold this position!" /voice_cmd tac_hold
3.Follow "Follow me!" /voice_cmd tac_follow
4.Retreat "Fall back!" /voice_cmd tac_fallback
5.Stay Together "Stick together!" /voice_cmd tac_together
6.Split Up "Split up!" /voice_cmd tac_split