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This event is called watch out for the sniper. Inspired by war films such as scenes from Saving Private Ryan, the objective of this is to quite literally watch out for the sniper and stay alive.

Although the people who have sniper guns are usually quite aggressive and cunning, so extra care and attention is needed in this game of stealth, awareness and footwork. Get your running shoes on!

Rules & Gameplay


Rule Description
1 Snipers can ONLY use SNIPER (Disruptor) GUN!

Snipers must stand STILL

3 Survivor has to be on melee ONLY, NO weapons
4 Survivor can ONLY stay outside on main platform


One member at random (and each member will have a go) to be the survivior who is requested to go to Melee and stand on main platform.


The other people are considered as Snipers and may choose one of the three buildings to stand on and arm themselves with Sniper gun as stated in rules.


In the beginning of this event all players who wish to compete are gathered on FFA5 (Taspir). Once this is done, organiser will begin a count of how long the survivior can stay alive. During this time the snipers take thier shots at survivior and its over when the survivor dies. The time is recorded and this is repeated until each member has had their go at being the survivior. The winner is the person who lasts the longest


The end is an endurance challenge of evasion, cunning and strategy to elude fire and keep as much health as possible. If enough time can be given, this can be single or tournament event and the end can have an Endurance Master who can defend their title next time.

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